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Lisa is originally from England, and it was in London she trained under one of the global leaders of the Classical Pilates world, Holly Murray.

On obtaining her certificate with Holly in 2016, Lisa lived and taught in London, attending trainings with some of the most revered Classical Pilates Teachers in the world.


Moving to New Zealand, Lisa became one of the few Classically trained Pilates teachers in NZ and opened her studio Connect Centre Pilates, being the only fully equipped Traditional Pilates studio in Nelson.

She is also the co-creator of Teach Pilates, a Classical Teacher Training Program and when she's not teaching privates and classes at the studio, she is presenting teacher training seminars and mentoring the next generation of Classical Pilates teachers.

Lisa (owner)

Lisa previously experienced many years of pain and limitation in movement, due to a twisted pelvis and scoliosis; training at a Classical Studio with the use of spring resistance and focus on alignment, was exactly what her body needed.
The daily soreness subsided, and she got stronger in a way that allowed her to enjoy more her other physical hobbies of running & cycling, plus not get injured, like she was prone to do previously.


It is Lisa's goal to support and guide people to feel freedom and strength in their bodies in a non-judgmental environment, and to live a fuller life with access to more movement, agility, strength and confidence.


Maren trained as a physiotherapist in Germany and has been teaching Pilates since 2010.
She is Classically trained, having completed her comprehensive Pilates training through The Pilates Standard Germany.

Maren is also specialised in pelvic floor health as well as in pre and postnatal Pilates. She experienced first hand the benefits of practicing Pilates during and after her two pregnancies.
She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise with other women."...for me, Pilates has many faces, it works for people who have physical issues, it helps to rehabilitate and facilitates better movement patterns. It improves self-esteem, and is a great complement to any sport..."


Maren loves how Pilates helps people feel good in their body and increase their quality of life.
She offers a highly personal approach to her teaching, keeping her clients motivated throughout the training sessions
and working towards achieving their personal goals.

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