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For YOUR journey

Gain more strength, mobility, functionality,
and ease in your body

What we offer

- Private sessions & small group classes

- Tailored programs for you and your goals

- An individual movement experience
- Highly qualified Classically trained teachers
- A friendly, social, supportive space 

Get started


Enjoy 2 x Private Sessions at an introductory discounted rate of $130


About Us

At Connect Centre Pilates, we’re all about the journey, to feel the empowerment
in conscious and intentional movement of your body as you get ever closer to
and achieve your goals.

Every day sense that you're building a strong & functional body that wants to move!

You don’t have to get it “right", you don’t have to look “good”,
you will not be judged.
You will be guided, supported, and celebrated!

Move, learn, feel your body change, and your mind-body connection deepen.
We don't do Pilates to get better at Pilates, we do Pilates to get better at life!


Authentic Pilates

We teach the Authentic or Traditional Pilates, as created by Joseph Pilates.
Our studio is fully equipped with
beautiful handmade Classical Pilates
apparatus from Europe.

We have Reformers, a Cadillac, a Tower, Wunda Chairs, Barrels, and much more.

Joseph Pilates called his system (that we now refer to as Pilates), "Contrology".
It is a movement practice and a system of exercise that restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit.

We are proud to uphold Joe's legacy, to advocate his system, and to pass on his trainings.

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Introductory Offer

Screen Shot 2022-10-31 at 5.25.38 PM.png

Small Group Training

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Private Sessions

"After years of back pain I am now PAIN-FREE thanks to classical pilates!! The new strength feels great and still surprises me when doing things out in the real world. Highly recommend this studio for its transformative powers"
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